MBIS/MBISS Am Silver GCH CH /Can CH. Pikkinokka Badgr Sir Barksalot

Breeder: Til Niquidet, Pikkinokka Finnish Spitz, Canada.
Owners: Michelle Badger RS and Holly Leftwich PHA, BadgerDen Siberian Huskies & Finnish Spitz.

He is available at stud to qualified bitches.

OFA Good Hips FNS-273G42M-PI
OFA Normal Elbows FNS-EL88M42-PI
OFA Normal Patellas  FNS-PA52/30M/P-PI
Eyes Clear Sept.  2012

Barkley took his first All-Breed Best in Show in Lawton, OK in 2009, followed by  All-Breed Bests in Glendale, Arizona and Cortez, Colorado in  2010 and a Reserve BIS in Lubbock, Texas in 2012.  He is a five time winner of the Finnish Spitz Club of America National Specialty. He has taken Best of Breed six times at the Westminster Kennel Club show, and six times at the Eukanuba Invitational . Previous to all that, he has been awarded the Award of Merit twice at Westminster, Award of Excellence once at Eukanuba and in 2008 won a prestigious Reserve Challenge Certificate at Crufts, in England, entitling him to be listed in the official Stud Book of The Kennel Club, the United Kingdom. Before going into semi-retirement, he was Ranked #1 Finnish Spitz in America for 2005 and 2006.  Semi-retired, he was still ranked #1 in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He fully retired February of 2012. Even in retirement, Barkley has been ranked in the top 5 with only being exhibited at National Specialties and Supported entries.  When the new title of Grand Champion was offered in 2010, Barkley was the first Finnish Spitz to achieve Grand Champion and Bronze Grand Champion status. He retired as a Silver Grand Champion, having never been out of the top five in Breed and All-breed since he finished his chamionship in 2004!
Barkley is the Top Winning Finnish Spitz in AKC Breed history!
So, why is he not honored on the Finnish Spitz Club of America "Stars" webpage, since he has always been owned by a club member in good standing? Simply put, jealousy. Even at 11 years of age, Barkley is still able to strut his stuff and defeat the dogs owned by the club board members. They feel that honoring Barkley publicly for his contributions to the breed would give him an unfair advantage over their dogs. They even rewrote the policy for inclusion on the "Stars" page specifically to exclude Barkley; and, the person serving as club president at the time stated that Barkley would be honored only when he was dead.... Yes, she actually said that to me! You see, they think judges are so easy to influence that Barkley's photo, or even his name, on our little club's webpage would sway them to select him in the ring! Good thing Barkley doesn't need any help winning, or in defeating their dogs!
Ch. Tiko (II)
Finkkila's Poika
Ch. Finkkila's Ilsa
Can Ch. Pikkinokka's Audi Fox
Can/Eng Ch. Cullabine Tarik
Am/Can Ch. Jayenn's Vivacious Vappo
Jayenn's Nordic Nymph
Am/Can Ch. Jayenn's Top  Hunter                   
Can/Eng Ch. Cullabine Tarik
Can Ch. Jayenn's Firebrand Fin CD
Can Ch. Jayenn's Adventurous Ane        
Am/Can Ch. Jayenn's Xaviera
Can Ch. Jayenn's Vulpine Viesti
Can Ch. Jayenn's Deluxe Dreamer
Can Ch. Jayenn's Hey There Georgia Girl
Am/Can Ch. Pikkinokka Badgr Sir Barksalot     
Ch. Eerik
Ch. Finkkila's Mr Red
Ch. Finkkila's Ilsa
Finkkila's Rippe
Ch. Eerik
Ch. Finkkila's Katarina
Ch. Finkkila's Ilsa
Pikkinokka Kukka Of Storm Valley
Ch. Ukkoherran Taika
Am/Ned/Bel/Lux Ch. Fjiordlund's Finkkila Yuri
Ch. Finkkila's Norskette
ulta Touli-Satu of Storm Valley
Ned/Int/Bel/Dts/W. (94)/BDSSG (94) Ch. Haukkulahden Mitri
Ned/Int. W Ch (97) Lux Ch. Lumipyry Of Storm Valley
Ned/Int/Fin. Ch, FKK, JW. CH (94), W. Ch.(94), WW. Ch. (95 &
96), EK.F.C.I. Ch (95), Belg. Ch., HD. TC. Jyrkkakallio Nytti
Ch. BadgerDen's Dooney & Bark "Dooney"
Barkley acheived his Canadian Championship during an eleven show trip to Canada, and was ranked second in the breed in Canada for that year!