BadgerDen's Chunky But Cute
5/24/1998 - 6/28/2011
OFA# SH-13649G24M-T

In his first match, at 3 months of age, Chunki-Butt won Best of Breed over 11 other Siberians, three of them pointed.  Then he went on to a Group One!  By 10 months, he had several reserves, and we expected his first points to come at any time.  Unfortunately, we were in a car wreck that ended Chunki's ring appearances.  Chunki-Butt lived out his life as my pampered little pet, and he owned the front seat in both my car and motorhome.  He also donated his time at local nursing homes and even runs on the rig sometimes.  Such a treasured companion, he will be missed.