BadgerDen's High Standards

At BadgerDen, we are dedicated to the preservation of the breeds we love.  Our breeding philosophy is simple, breed the healthiest, most genetically fit individuals that most closely meet the standard for the breed. Our goal is to produce healthy individuals that consistently improve upon the previous generation!

  All breeding stock are screened for the genetic defects common for that breed. Eyes are checked annually on all Finnish Spitz and Siberian Huskies in our breeding programs. We OFA hips, elbows and patella in Finkies, and hips in Siberians. Only good or excellent ratings are acceptable in our breeding program.

  In addition, having come from a strong background in animal science, we strongly believe in producing free-welping bitches and natural breeding's. If a dog cannot perform his breeding duties without assistance, he will not be in the BadgerDen Kennel. Likewise of the bitch who cannot whelp without assistance. We feel that it is important to preserve these traits in our breeds.

  At BadgerDen, correct temperament is paramount! We firmly believe that temperament is inherited and dogs with poor temperaments will not be bred in this kennel! Our dogs must be friendly to people, and must get along well with the other dogs. We have a zero tolerance policy for dogs who pick fights. Of course, we also emphasize the importance of proper socialization of our dogs.  Temperament is a complicated equation that includes heredity and socialization.

  In all these areas, we always strive to excel!