BadgerDen's Black Ice O'Kossok
Born May 3, 2006
SHOR S-10915/07-13
CERF Jan 2011
Breeder: Michelle Badger
Owners: Alice Watt & Michelle Badger

Icy took best in Sweeps at the Lower Columbia Siberian Husky Club specialty in 2007 then at her next show, she took BOB over 2 top ten Siberians! All from the 6-9 puppy class.  She is singled out in just a few times in the ring. She has never been out of the ribbons.

CH. Innisfree's Chips Ahoy 
CH. Kristari's Jagged Edge 
Kristari's On A Winter's Day
     CH BadgerDen's Fringe Benefit       
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BadgerDen's Black Ice O'Kossok  
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CH. Kristari BadgerDen Indulgence 
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BadgerDen's Arctic Magic Amber Ice 
INT CH. Kossok's Gold Standard 
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AM/INT CH. Kossok's Symiron Golden Glow