CH BadgerDen's Barklava

Breeder: Michelle Badger

Lava was a great addition to our breeding program and has retired to live the life of a princess with Sharon Carter in Nevada.

DOB 07/26/2004

Finkkila's Poika
Can Ch. Pikkinokka's Audi Fox
Am/Can Ch. Jayenn's Vivacious Vappo
Am/Can Ch. Jayenn's Top  Hunter                   
Can Ch. Jayenn's Firebrand Fin CD
Am/Can Ch. Jayenn's Xaviera
Can Ch. Jayenn's Deluxe Dreamer
Am/Can Ch. Pikkinokka Badgr Sir Barksalot     
Ch. Finkkila's Mr Red
Finkkila's Rippe
Ch. Finkkila's Katarina
Pikkinokka Kukka Of Storm Valley
Am/Ned/Bel/Lux Ch. Fjiordlund's Finkkila Yuri
ulta Touli-Satu of Storm Valley
Ned/Int. W Ch (97) Lux Ch. Lumipyry Of Storm Valley
CH Badgerden's Barklava
CH J Booth's Hot 'N Sizzlin
CH Maxasta's Johnny Rebel
CH Wisper Vali Color My World      
CH Maxasta's King Arthur
CH Finkila's Ret Of J Booth
CH J Booth's Greta
CH Arkle's Fire In The Sky
CH. Legend's BadgerDen Ma Barker
CH Eerik
CH Finkkila's Norskle
CH Finkkila's Norsski Tytar
CH. Legend's Chance At Heaven
CH Ukkoherran Taika
Finkkila's Taikaette
CH Finkkila's Norskette
Lava is pictured here pregnant with Angel, Ranger and CH Medes. Angel and Ranger just need their majors to finish.