CH BadgerDen's Meoh Myah
Breeder - Michelle Badger
Handler - Joanne Dixon
Owner- Sam Kao

Sire: Ch.Kristari Badgerden Indulgence
Dam: Ch. Badgerden's Dixie's Double

Myah completed her Canadian championship in  12 shows with 9 wins,  3 BOBs over specials, and a Group 3 and a Group 4 win. 

AM/CAN CH. Innisfree's Fire And Frost 
CH. Kristari's Firechief O'Tahluu 
CH. Kristari's Erlene 
CH. Kristari's Tickle Me Elmo
CH. Innisfree's Tradewind 
CH. Silistra's Tradewind 
CH. Silistra's Stardust 
CH. Kristari BadgerDen Indulgence  
AM/CAN CH. Kalonik's Woodchip 
CH. Innisfree's Chips Ahoy 
Innisfree's Designing Woman 
Kristari's Whirlwind 
CH. Kristari's Pacific Skyline 
CH. Kristari's Erlene 
Kristari's Nugget 
Can CH Badgerden's Meoh Myah
CH. Kadyak's Remembered In Red 
BIS/BISS AM/CAN CH. Kadyak's Native Dancer 
CH. Kadyak's Flo-Jo 
INT CH. Kossok's Gold Standard 
Des-Mar's Cordova 
CH. Kossok's Blonde Bombshell 
Kossok's Spice of Life 
CH. Badgerden's Dixie's Double  
CH. Aazar's Stagedoor Johnny 
CH. Alcinta's Desert Hawk 
CH. Alcinta's Passion II 
Kavayla's Seasi Serendipity 
CH. Saroja's Second To None 
CH. Kavayla's You Can't Touch This 
CH Saroja's Greta Garbo