Kavayla's Seasi Serendipity
Gray/white, brown-eyed
3/30/1994 - 2008

OFA# SH-12259G38E-T
SHOR# S-7741/00-70

Co-owned with Michelle Badger

Sadly, Sara now waits at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sara's Offspring Include:
Ch. Seasi's Love Potion Number Nine
Ch. Kossok's Living Doll
Ch. Kossok's Big Sky Over Skidi
Ch. Kossok's Dixie of BadgerDen
Ch. BadgerDen's Fringe Benefits
Ch. BadgerDen's Quid Pro Quo
Ch.  Kossok's Porcelain Doll
BadgerDen's Dixie's Double (needs 1 major to Finish )
This is Sara and I in 1997, shortly after I returned to the show ring. (I left after Queen was poinsoned in 87.) While trying to take this photo, the super was tearing down the rings.  The noise was so bad that Sara would not stand for the photo and never willingly entered a ring again.